Revoluxion Data has developed a  solution to make installing a fully managed hotspot at any suitable venue a quick and simple process. Our solutions  are based on the proven platforms from Cisco and are backended on a web driven management system. Revoluxion Data hotspots  are scalable from a simple access point in a coffee shop to entire buildings, campuses and estates and even across municipalities.

Turn  expense into revenue

A Revoluxion Data managed WiFi hotspot solution gives you a complete billing and control system . This means that you can give your customers access to the internet and still control and earn income from your internet connection. Even if you are not going to bill your customers for access, your managed WiFi hotspot allows you to automatically control exactly how long each user gets online and how much of your bandwidth they can use.

Easy-To-Use system

Our solution provides users at your WiFi a clearly branded simple system projecting your image in a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and requires no intervention from you. We also provide a full e-commerce platform for billing customers giving users a choice from a range of payment options including Credit Card, PayPal, Premium SMS, Pre-Printed Voucher or over the counter via online Point-Of Sale. And users who buy from you can use their credentials at any Revoluxion Data hotspot across our wide network of hotspots countrywide.  

Flexible Risk-free partnering

Revoluxion Data works on a REVENUE SHARING basis which means that we do not charge any fixed monthly fees. We only ever charge you for a small portion of revenue you have already earned which makes partnering with us far less risky than signing up with suppliers who insist you commit to lengthy contracts. Revenue sharing also means that you get to KEEP 90% of the revenue earned at your hotspot. We have a number of partnering models designed to meet your specific business needs and based on what you want your customers to pay, what expenses you want to cover and what share of the revenue you desire. Hotspots can be installed as revenue generating units, simple access control units or full Free-To-User systems. Revoluxion Data makes it easy to get up running as a revenue earning hotspot. Revoluxion Data supplies the Hotspot Unit (Access Point/Router) and all the backend authentication and accounting systems. All you need to do is plug in the unit to your internet connection

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