Super-fast fibre optic


Broadband is now available across much of South Africa. Often called Fibre To The Premises or simply FTTP, fibre broadband delivers super-fast broadband speeds of up to 1000Mb/s – 10 times faster than conventional copper based alternatives.

Normal ADSL broadband services use a standard copper phone line all the way from the telephone exchange to your premises, whilst fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange to your local telephone junction cabinet – this reduces signal loss and allows much faster speeds to be achieved.

City Fibre Dedicated Lines

Dedicated Internet access is a 100% fibre service, stretching from our nearest point-of-presence (PoP) right through to your premises. This delivers the ultimate in connectivity: fully symmetrical, guaranteed bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and speeds from 10 Mb/s up to 100 Gb/s. We can also offer resilient options for business-critical connections.

City Fibre Features

The features of our dedicated Internet service:

  • Competitive dedicated internet access pricing structure
  • Speeds from 10 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s
  • 100% fibre connection
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Fully symmetrical service
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Flexible dedicated internet packages, customized to suit your needs
  •  Support teams

Don’t know which is right for you?

As a City Fiber internet provider we are on hand to help with all aspects of your connectivity. If you need help choosing which is the fastest  package for you feel free to get in contact with a member of our sales team and talk through your requirements.

For further information regarding  dedicated servers  please call +27(11) 540 0164 to speak to a member of our team or email us