Take your business to the next level and keep your growing audience engaged with Revoluxion Data’s dedicated servers – designed for optimal speed with room to grow. From bare metal to fully managed, our enterprise-class hardware is built for scalability, giving you the freedom to expand your online offering according to the needs of your business.

Which dedicated server option is for you?

Use our checklist below to help you decide which of our dedicated server hosting options is best suited to your business.

  • Managed Dedicated Servers

    A popular choice for businesses that require a reliable platform for your online projects such as high volume websites, e-commerce platforms and applications.

    Server Configuration Flexibility
    Less flexibility with our standardised Linux hosting platform, where we take care of the details (i.e. OS, server updates & monitoring, backups etc.)
    Technical Expertise Required
    Very little. You take care of your websites. Leave the server management to our professional SysAdmin team.
    Security & Feature Updates
    We are responsible for server security and feature updates. You are responsible for the administration and security of your websites.
  • Self-Managed  Servers

    Ideal for those with server management experience. Our powerful hardware platform gives you the flexibility to create any type of server environment and manage it yourself.

    Server Configuration Flexibility
    Complete flexibility to build your own server environment. We just look after the metal & network infrastructure.
    Technical Expertise Required
    You are a SysAdmin expert. We manage the metal; you do the rest.
    Security & Feature Updates
    You manage all security & feature updates on the server.

    For further information regarding  dedicated servers  please call +27(11) 083 9386 to speak to a member of our team or email info@revoluxion.co.za