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General information
Your service charges are billed according to your billing cycle and may be monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your particular plan and period chosen. You will be billed in advance for regular service charges such as access fees, and in arrears for other charges such as usage depending on your billing period. We attempt to include all charges for a billing period in the relevant bill, however, sometimes we may need to include charges from a previous billing period on a current bill. Your first bill will include any connection charges, modem charges and may have charges for days in the month until the end of your billing cycle. It may also include charges in advance for the next billing cycle.   For billing assistance please contact our accounts team via email 011 540 0164
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Internet & Connectivity

Before contacting the HelpDesk, try the following:

  1. Power cycle the modem/modem. Turn the modem/router off for 15 seconds and then turn it back on.
  2. Some modems/routers may require you to pull the power cable out and re-attach it.
  3. Check the physical connection of  cable. Please make sure the cable is plugged securely into the modem/router and has a FREE RUN (no tangles) from the modem/router to the wall socket. It must not pass through a filter as people often make this mistake.
  4. RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) / EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) RFI / EMI emitting devices can degrade the  signal, cause retransmissions and data loss. Devices prone to generating interference including cordless phones, speakers, power supplies, light dimmer switches, high intensity lightning, and surge protectors. Ensure that the cable and modem/router power cable do not make contact with cables from these types of devices. Relocating the modem/router or rerouting the cables often solves the problem.
  5. Check that the modem/router is not overheating and that it has sufficient ventilation.
  6. Keep the cable between the modem/router and the wall jack as short as possible.
  7. Check your line for faulty inside wiring or a corroded  jack.
For further assistance please call the HelpDesk on 0110839386.
Information on Web Security and Connexus FAQs


Introduction to web security

Knowledge is power. Learn how to keep your business well protected. Find out about Spyware, Viruses and Firewalls. For personal assistance with keeping your organization safe from malicious online threats, please contact our expert team on 011 540 0164.