Want to Partner with us?

Our partners value our national reach, network and trusted brand. We create innovative, high-performing joint programs with partners. Partnership is at the heart of everything we do at Revoluxion Data  and it has been since we started . We are driven by our mission to build trust and opportunity globally and we have ambitious goals that can only be achieved by working with others.

Current Partnering Opportunities 

Free WiFi Initiative 

Revoluxion Data’s Free WiFi initiative aims to close the digital divide, generate economic opportunity, facilitate access to essential services and improve quality of life in South Africa via the deployment of Free WiFi . Budgets are tight throughout Africa, Governments constantly being asked to do more with less. Providing Free WiFi for public spaces is a top priority for most communities, but where will the money come from? Revoluxion Data believes that the best means of addressing inequality is the deployment of advert funded Free WiFi throughout public spaces and low-income communities, hence creating a balance between businesses and offering free services  (email us for a detailed business plan)

Why partner with us?


Invest in a market-based approach to economic development that is sustainable and creates jobs, incomes and hope instead of dependency.

Shared Value

Tap into new market and sourcing opportunities that also create benefits for  communities.

Public Recognition

Gain visibility as a leader in social responsibility through joint public relations and cause marketing campaigns.

World-Class Network

Join a committed group of corporations, foundations, public sector agencies and individuals.

Direct Engagement

Give time and expertise, by advising on strategy or volunteering in the field.

Focused Support

Invest in Revoluxion Data’s Free WiFi  initiatives or target your support to a particular program, or region.

Public Education

Tell friends, employees, customers and the broader public how they can help transform lives through the creation of economic opportunity.  

For further information regarding  Partnerships Opportunities  please contact us